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Allocation of course places: Bachelor’s and Master’s students

Our courses are free for UZH and ETH Zurich Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Although we endeavor to make our courses available to all students, we cannot always guarantee that everyone will get a place on their desired course.

One course per semester – your responsibility

Our courses are demanding, in terms of time and workload. For a course of 2 lessons a week, you are expected to do an additional 3-4 hours of self-study each week. It is therefore not advisable to take more than one language course in addition to your degree course.  

Please enroll for only one language course per semester.

At the end of the enrolment period, we open up those courses that are not fully booked to all applicants. At this stage you can enroll for a second course (max. 4 lessons per week). 

Allocation of course places – our responsibility

In some courses, the demand exceeds the number of places available. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will get a place on your chosen course.
We recommend that you enroll as soon as possible after online enrolments open, as many courses fill quickly.

The Language Center allocates course places according to the following criteria:

  1. Suitable language level: 

    Our online course descriptions and self-assessment tools on the relevant language page will help you to evaluate your suitability for a course. Please complete the enrolment form carefully and in detail. This will help you increase your chances of getting a place on a suitable course.

  2. Your reason(s) for selecting this course: 

    Students who need the course for their studies will be given priority. 

    If both criteria are fulfilled, the time and date of your enrolment, and the number of semesters you have already completed, are also taken into account.

    The Language Center reserves the right to cancel enrolments once a course has started in cases where a course participant’s language level clearly doesn’t match that of the course.