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Allocation of course places for bachelor’s and master’s students

One course per semester

The University of Zurich and ETH Zurich offer their bachelor’s and master’s students a wide range of language learning options via the Language Center. When planning its course program, the Language Center takes into account the demand for its courses. However, in some cases, the demand for course places exceeds the number of available places. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that every student will get a place on their desired course.

Before the beginning of a semester, students can enroll in one course only. From the Monday of the first week of the new semester (starting at 9am), students can enroll in a second course if there are still places available.

The steep learning curve in our language courses requires a large amount of self-study. For courses of 2 lessons a week during the semester, you should plan to invest another 3-4 hours of self-study a week. This means that in most cases, combining more than one course per semester with your core study program would be overly demanding.

Allocation of places on courses

The Language Center allocates course places according to the following criteria:

  1. Appropriate language skills for a course:

    You can check your language skills by reading the course description and using the self-assessment tools for your chosen language. After your assessment, please fill in the enrollment form with care. This will increase your chances of getting a place on a suitable course. The Language Center reserves the right to annul course participants’ enrollments after the start of a course if – according to the lecturer’s judgment – their language skills differ significantly from those outlined in the course description.

  2. Reasons for your course selection:
    We give priority to students whose chosen course relates to their studies.

If both criteria above are met, the time and date of your enrollment and the number of semesters you have completed so far are also taken into consideration.