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Allocation of course places: Bachelor’s and Master’s students

Our courses are free for University of Zurich and ETH Zurich Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Although we endeavor to make our courses available to all students, we cannot always guarantee that everyone will get a place on their desired course.

One course per semester – your responsibility

Our courses are demanding in terms of time and workload. For a course of 2 lessons a week, you are expected to do an additional 3-4 hours of self-study each week. We therefore recommend that full-time students take only one language course per semester. 

We also try to give as many people a chance to take a language course as possible, so during the enrolment period, you can initially enroll for only one course. (A few select courses are exceptions from this rule.)

At the end of the enrolment period, we open up those courses that are not fully booked to all applicants. At this stage you can enroll for a second course. However, you are not allowed to enroll in more than 4 lessons per week.

How we allocate course places

The demand for course places often exceeds the number of places we have. In such cases, we select participants according to the following four criteria:

  1. Your language level: This must match the level of the course. We aim for classes in which the language levels of participants are as homogeneous as possible. Please read the course description and use the self-assessment tools on our website to ensure that you meet the requirements of the course.

    NB: If you provide us with insufficient information on your enrolment form, you may not get a place on a course. The allocation of course places is based solely on the information contained in your enrolment form, so it’s in your interest to complete it with care and in detail.
  2. Reason(s) for selecting this course: Students who need the course for their studies will be given priority.

    NB: If you provide us with insufficient or no information on your enrolment form, you will automatically be given low priority.
  3. Length of study: For some courses, people who are close to completing their degrees take priority over those who still have several years in which they can take a language course.
  4. Time of enrolment: This factor is the least important of the four criteria outlined here. The timing of your enrolment is only taken into consideration when the first three criteria have been met. However, we recommend that you enroll as early as possible, as many of our courses fill up very quickly.