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Courses for PhD students FS 2017


We offer the following course formats

Weekly courses (during the semester)

You can sign up for a course here. The course description for each course gives details of requirements for enrollment and content.
The information on the language levels can be foundhere.

For other specific learning opportunities and objectives we recommend:

Weekly courses (during the semester)

Weekly courses (during the semester)

3493+ETH 851-0889-00
MA 13.10
Schwedisch I A1 A1 Mi 12.15-13.45 Zentrum
3494+ETH 851-0889-02
MA 13.11
Schwedisch II A2.1 A2.1 Mo 16.15-17.00 oder Mo 18.15-19.00
Plenum: Mo 17:15-18.00