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Courses for Academic staff HS 2016

German as a foreign language

We offer the following course formats:

One-semester courses (normally 2 hours per week), with a maximum of 20 participants
Lectures with exercises in large groups, to supplement the language courses (grammar; vocabulary; working methods)
One-off Courses we recommend to all learners of German (e.g. Film Club)
Pre-semester Intensive Courses (60 lessons over two weeks, levels A and B)
Inter-semester courses from Level A (Continuation Courses)
Counseling Service
Learning Activities at the Self-Access Center
Placement and monitoring of Tandem Learning
Certification of your level of German


Please read this general information about German courses as well as the explanations about the language levels, before you register for a course.

Semester Courses

MA 1.10 Beginners - German; A1.1 A1.1 Mon 17:00-19:00 Hoenggerberg
MA 1.11 Beginners - German, A1.1 A1.1 Wed 17:15-19:00 Zentrum
MA 1.12 Beginners - German, A1.1 A1.1 Thu 16:15-18:00 Zentrum
MA 1.13 Beginners - German, A1.1 A1.1 Tue 11:45-13:30h Hoenggerberg
MA 1.14 Beginners - German, A1.1 A1.1 Mon 12:15-13:45 Zentrum
MA 1.15 Beginners - German; hi-speed, A1.1 A1.1 Tue and Thu 17:15-19:00 Zentrum
MA 1.17 Beginners - German for late arrivals, A1.1 A1.1 Tue 17:15-19:45 Zentrum
MA 1.20a/b/c Post-Beginners German, A1.2-A2.2 A1.2 - A2.2 Tue 18:15-20:00 Zentrum
MA 1.21a/b/c Post-Beginners German, A1.2-A2.2 A1.2 - A2.2 Wed 17:15-19:00 Zentrum
MA 1.22a/b/c Post-Beginners German, A1.2-A2.2 A1.2 - A2.2 Thu 18:15-20:00 Zentrum
MA 1.25a/b/c Post-Beginners German, A1.2 - A2.2 A1.2 - A2.2 Mon 11:45-13:30 Hoenggerberg
MA 1.27 Conversations, A2 A2 Mon 11:45-13:30 Hoenggerberg
MA 1.28 Einstieg ins Niveau B1 B1 Tue 8:15-10:00 Zentrum
MA 1.29 Einstieg ins Niveau B1 B1 Mo 16:15-18:00 Hoenggerberg
MA 1.30 Sprechen und Lesen auf Deutsch, B1 B1 Mi 8:15-9:45 Zentrum
MA 1.40 Deutsch verstehen und sprechen, B1 B1 Di 08:15-09:45 Zentrum
MA 1.41 Deutsch verstehen und sprechen, B1 B1 Di 18:15-20:00 Zentrum
MA 1.42 Deutsch verstehen und sprechen; B1 B1 Do 11:45-13:30 Hoenggerberg
MA 1.50 Kommunizieren auf Deutsch, B2 B2 Do 18:15-19:45 Zentrum
MA 1.51 Deutsch lesen und schreiben, B2 B2 Di 12:15-13:45 Zentrum
MA 1.52 Deutsch interkulturell, B2-C1 B2 - C1 Do 18:15-20:00 Zentrum
MA 1.47
Dialektverstehen und Deutsch im Schweizer Alltag, B2-C2 B2 - C2 Do 16:15-18:00 Zentrum
3155 /
MA 1.53
Vortragen und Argumentieren, C1-C2 C1 - C2 Di 12:15-13:45 Zentrum
MA 1.59
Wissenschaftlich Schreiben: Schreibwerkstatt, C1-C2 C1 - C2 Mo 10:15-12:00 Zentrum
MA 1.61
Wissenschaftlich Schreiben: Schreibwerkstatt, C1-C2 C1 - C2 Mo 16:15-18:00 Zentrum
MA 1.55 Schweizerdeutsch für Deutschsprachige; C1-C2 C1 - C2 Do 12:15-13:45 Zentrum

Lectures with exercises (Courses in larger groups)

These courses are intended to supplement your other courses or autonomous learning. Instruction takes place in large groups. You should only attend these courses if your language level corresponds with the level of the course offered.
Erweiterung des Wortschatzes; Vorlesung mit Übungen, A2-B1 A2 - B1 Do 12:15-13:45 Zentrum
V Gram AB
Grundgrammatik; Vorlesung mit Übungen, A2-B1 A2 - B1 Mi 12:15-13:45 Zentrum
V Gram BC
Grammatikrepetitorium für Fortgeschrittene; Vorlesung mit Übungen, B2-C1 B2 - C1 Di 16:15-18:00 Zentrum

Special courses open to all students of German as a Foreign Language during the semester

DaF Flimclub
Filmclub Deutsch als Fremdsprache, B1-C2 B1 - C2 Mi 19:30-22:00 Zentrum

Pre-semester Intensive Courses

MA 1.92 DaF Turbo - Level B1 in a year; Intensive German for PhD candidates A1 - A2 Mon-Fri 9:15-12:45 und 13:45-15:15 Zentrum

Continuation Courses auf Niveau A

During the semester vacation we will offer a follow up German course for people who have  completed Beginner’s German in the previous semester. Two classes between levels A1.2 and A2.2 will be formed.

MA 1.73a/b Continuation course for post-beginners, A1.2-A2 A1 - A2 Mon+Wed 17:15-19:45 Zentrum

Counseling Service

We offer counseling in writing and general learning.
To make an appointment for counseling, please contact the advisor directly by e-mail. The advisor will provide you with further information.

LB Lernberatung nach Absprache Zentrum

Learning Activities at the Self-Access Center

Autonomes Lernen Lernberatung zur Aussprache A1 - C2 nach Absprache
Autonomes Lernen Lernwerkstatt Deutsch als Fremdsprache (Oktober-Dezember 2016) A2 - C2 frei wählbar Zentrum
Autonomes Lernen Spielend Deutsch lernen – Ein Spielabend auf Deutsch A2 - C2 Mo, 17.10.2016, 18.00-20.00 Zentrum
Autonomes Lernen Spielend Deutsch lernen – Ein Spielabend auf Deutsch A2 - C2 Mo, 28.11.2016, 18.00-20.00 Zentrum


Lecturers who speak German as a foreign language and who want to focus specifically on improving their pronunciation or writing are eligible for individual coaching.

Schreibcoaching Schreibcoaching Deutsch als Fremdsprache B1 - C2 nach Absprache Zentrum

Tandem Learning

In Tandem Learning, two people with different mother tongues work together to improve their foreign language competence.
Tandem learning is independent from participation in a language course. Placement with a tandem partner is free of charge.
Our tandem pool is dependent on your interest in learning German with another person and your willingness to help a German-speaker learn your mother tongue.