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Language consultations

We offer a language consultation for German as a foreign language, Italian, French and English.

You may want to request a language consultation if you:

  • Wish to improve your language skills because you intend to do a semester/year abroad 
  • Wish to plan your language learning and course selection over a longer period of time
  • Are unsure of how to make use of the time you have set aside for language learning
  • Would like to learn independently from the language courses offered
  • Have special needs which are not met by our course program
  • Are unsure of how to best structure the tandem-learning sessions

Consultation for German as a foreign language

Consultation for Italian

Consultation for French

Consultation for Spanish

Consultation for English


If you would like to talk with an advisor regarding the program for autonomous learning as offered by the Self-Access Center you may make an appointment for consultation.