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The next Book clubs will take place during the fall semester 2018. Please visit our Learning workshops during the summer!
Book clubs Hönggerberg
German A1-A2, Mi 12:15-13:45, from 6.6.
German B1-B2, Do 12:15-13:45, from 7.6.
German C1-C2, Mi 16:15-17:45, from 6.6.
English A1-C2, Di 16:15-17:45, from 5.6.
French A1-C2, Mo 16:15-17:45, from 4.6.
Italian A1-A2, Di 13:30-14:30, from 5.6.
Spanish A1-C2, Fr 12:15-13:45, from 8.6.

Book clubs

Target group

Students, PhD students, members of staff and Alumni who wish to improve their language skills through reading.

Language requirements

Levels: A1 to C2


  • Strengthen and extend your vocabulary
  • Increase your reading pace
  • Write short reviews
  • Talk about books and understand what other people say about them

Content and approach

In the book club, you will
  • Read at least four (relatively short) books at your language level
  • Write short reviews of at least two of the books

  • Discuss at least one of your books in a small group

You can read more than four books and you can also take part in all book club meetings, at which you can either listen and/or discuss your books.
Tutors are always in attendance and will give feedback on your reviews. You are always welcome at the Self-Access Center if you want to use additional material or if you have any further questions.


The course is based on autonomous learning, with one mandatory first meeting and four additional book club meetings. You must attend at least one book club meeting. All meetings take place at the respective Self-Access Center.
It is important that you attend the first meeting, as you will be given information about the program and learning techniques and materials.