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Game nights Zentrum
English: 19.04. 18-19:30
Game nights Hönggerberg
German: 20.3., 18-19:30
German: 10.4., 18-19:30
English: 21.3., 18-19:30
English: 11.4., 18-19:30
Franch: 19.3., 18-19:30
French: 09.4., 18-19:30
Spanish: 22.3., 18-19:30
Spanish: 12.4., 18-19:30

Game nights

Target group

Students, PhD students, and members of staff who wish to improve their speaking skills by playing games.

Language requirements

Levels A2 to C2.


Depending on the games, you will practice your speaking skills, listening skills, reading skills, pronunciation, grammar, and/or vocabulary.

Content and approach

A tutor introduces you to the games and helps you if you have any language problems.


The game night is two hours long and takes place at the respective Self-Access Center. For organizational reasons, please register online.


The games are avaiable from the Self-Acess Center. These are original games and some special language learning games. For specific games, we offer vocabulary lists and supporting materials.

Further information

You can attend a game night as part of your hands-on learning (with or without your partner). Please register for a game night online.