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Determining your language level

Assess yourself

1. Placement tests

  • You will find a range of placement tests in the ressource pool by clicking on placement tests (Einstufungstests) and on the language of your choice.


2. Self assessment with the European Language Portfolio

  • Choose the skill (reading, writing, etc.) for which you would like to assess yourself. Start by making a rough assessment with the grid.
  • Then use the detailed checklists from the language biography starting on page 9. Start one level below your grid assessment. Read the individual descriptors for the chosen skill carefully, and consider whether the descriptors match your ability. Always read the descriptors for several levels.
  • You have found your level when the level below is mostly too easy (80% or more of the descriptors are met) and you can check off only a few descriptors in the level above.
  • The categories are intended for European languages, but they can also help you determine your language level in other languages.

Combine the grid and the detailed checklists to get a precise assessment of your language skills, assessing each language skill separately. It is likely that you will have a higher competence in one skill (e.g. reading) than in another (e.g. writing).