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Russian: First meeting: Mon 04.06., 16-17:30
German: First meeting: Tue 05.06., 12:15-13:45
Arabic: First meeting: Fri 08.06., 12:15-13:45
Japanese: First meeting: Fri 08.06., 16-17:30

New at the SAC:
German writing workshop First meeting: Wed 06.06., 12:15-13:45

Self-guided learning workshops

Learn languages with a partner

Target groups

These sessions are designed for students, doctoral students as well as university staff who wish to learn independently but are more motivated when there is a commitment made to working with a partner. The sessions are suitable for brushing up language already acquired in a semester language course or for working on specific language skills. They can also complement a language course being taken at the time.

Language levels

Open to participants of all levels from A1 to C1-C2

Learning goals

We will organize a partner for you, someone who wants to learn the same language as you. You will decide together what your learning goals are and how you would like to achieve them, ensuring that these are appropriate to your language level and learning needs. We will help you do this at the first session, by supplying all the necessary information you need. During the sessions learning strategies and techniques will be introduced. You will also be given the opportunity to discuss any questions with a teaching assistant during your sessions. A discussion with the Head of the Self-Access Center and other participants is planned for the final session to examine learning outcomes.

Content and Approach

An extensive number of activities including reading texts, games, listening materials, videos and exercises will be provided for you to choose from. We will provide concrete ideas on how best to use the materials and resources, and you will work on the language activities and tasks individually or with your partner.


These independent learning sessions of two hours a session take place at least seven times at the respective Self-Access Center. The first and the last session take place at fixed dates; you can choose the dates for the other sessions.

Learning materials
The learning materials provided are from and will be used in the Self-Access Center. Participants are asked to contribute CHF 10.00 towards the costs.