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Language get togethers Zentrum
Polish: Mon 10:30-12, ab 26.02.
Swiss German: Mon 12-13, ab 05.03.
Arabisch: Mon 17-18:30, ab 05.03.
Spanish: Tue 12:15-13:45, ab 06.03.
Portugese: Tue 12:15-13:45, ab 06.03.
Russian: Tue 18:30-20, ab 06.03.
German: Fri 12:15-13:45, ab 09.03.
Chinese: Fri 16:15-17:45, ab 09.03.
Japanese: Fri 16:15-17:45, ab 09.03.

Language get togethers Hönggerberg
Deutsch A1-A2: Di 18-19:30, ab 27.2.
Deutsch B1-B2: Fr 16.30-18, ab 2.3.
Deutsch C1-C2: Do 12.15-13.45, ab 1.3.
Englisch: Mo 12.15-13.45, ab 26.2.
Französisch: Mo 18-19:30 ab 26.2.
Italienisch: Di 12:15-13:45, ab 27.2.
Spanisch: Do 18:00-19:30 oder Fr 12:15-13:45, ab 2.3.

Language get togethers

The „Language get togethers“ brings together people learning the same language. During the times indicated, a reference person will be there to answer your questions, give suggestions for individual or group-based activities, create opportunities for speaking, and give you some occasional feedback.

Our reference persons mostly are students enthusiastic about the respective language because they study it, have learnt it for personal reasons, or are native speakers.  Each Language get togethers takes place in the respective Self-Access Center starting in week 3 and ending in week 13 of the semester. Joining is possible anytime and participation is not binding.

We kindly ask you to enrol (even on short notice) so that we can inform you about potential changes.