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Der nächste Newsletter startet am 06.06.2018.

Newsletter – German as a foreign language

The Language Center issues a newsletter during the semester break (June, July, August), so that you can continue to work on your German over the summer.
The newsletter now also includes material for A1 and A2-level German.
Our weekly newsletter is designed to help you practice your German (e.g. reading texts, audio texts, videos).
Each newsletter follows the same structure: For levels A1, A2, and from level B you will find, in rotation, reading texts, listening texts, and videos, with exercises and solutions. At the end of the newsletter there’s a tip on how to practice your German autonomously; we also recommend various activities that take place in Zurich over the summer (festivals, hiking tours, special locations, etc.). These tips on what to do in Zurich during the summer are also reading practice.
Here is a sample contents page of our newsletter:

To gain access to the newsletter, you need to register at (follow the instructions). You can register at any time, but you will receive the newsletter only in the summer months.
The Language Center wishes you a lovely summer, and hopes you have fun learning German.