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SOS Languages

Our SOS-Language sheets help you communicate in your tandem, in the „Language get together“ or with your learning partner in the target language, even if you have only recently started learning it.

In the PDF files, you will find the most important words and expressions regarding language learning, which you can also train on using its interactive exercises.

SOS-Arabisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Chinesisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Englisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Französisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Italienisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Japanisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Neugriechisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Polnisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Portugiesisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Russisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Schweizerdeutsch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Schwedisch (pdf)   Quizlet
SOS-Spanisch (pdf)   Quizlet

If you are learning German, then choose either your first language or a language that you know well.