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Mission statement

(English - French - Italian - German)

Our role within the university

Our course program supports the development of language competence in a range of languages, in keeping with the European Union’s language policy and the Swiss tradition of practiced multilingualism.

Our course program contributes to the internationalization and mobility of our individual course participants’ education, research, and professional lives. In addition, the language skills acquired through our program provide graduates from various fields of study with an important additional core competence.

Our academic courses

The content of our course program and our approach to teaching are designed to meet the needs of our target groups (students, researchers, and academic and administrative staff) and the requirements of higher education. Our language courses are challenging, and progression is fast.

Our approach to teaching and learning

Our language courses are based on the current findings in language teaching and language acquisition research. We encourage the development of metacognitive skills and thus promote lifelong language learning.

Our language courses foster individual learning. At the same time, we see language learning as a social process that involves learning with and from others.

We understand language learning as a process that involves cultural and active learning; consequently, we also make use of the opportunities for intercultural encounters and learning that present themselves in our courses.

Working together

Members of the Language Center staff contribute to the quality and services of the organization; we contribute to the success and to the excellent reputation of the Language Center and of the two higher education institutes it serves.
We are willing to take on responsibilities and duties in our teams, while bearing in mind the availability of resources.
We treat colleagues, managers, and other members of staff with respect and tolerance.

We reflect on our professional activities and adapt these to changing circumstances and conditions in a goal-oriented way.


Management sees its role primarily as one of providing support and services.
Management supports the independence and creativity of all Language Center staff; in so doing, it encourages innovative accomplishments.
Management supports the development of the potential of all Language Center staff members by acknowledging their achievements and offering them opportunities for further training and other relevant measures.
Management adopts a positive attitude towards change and actively promotes change. Proposed changes are assessed carefully, under the consideration of their validity and appropriateness, and of the available resources of lecturers and members of the administrative team.