Dr. Anna Ekert-Centowska
E-Mail: anna.ekert@sprachen.uzh.ch



Polish – native speaker 

English – native-like competence

Dutch – B2 

German – B2 


Teaching experience

01/2010 – presentLanguage Center of UZH and ETH Zurich – Dozentin für English

Selected tailor-made workshops for PhD students and postdocs

  • Writing Research Articles in Psychology
  • Academic Writing for Sociologists
  • Writing for Publication in Education
  • Writing Skills for Political Sciences
  • Media Economics and Management: Publishing in English
  • From Academic to Journalistic Text: Bioethics

Selected semester courses

  • Writing Research Papers for Publication: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences C1-C2
  • Introduction to Writing at Doctoral Level: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences C1
  • Writing Your Master’s Thesis: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences C1-C2

Individual coaching in academic writing (one-to-one sessions with academic writers; preparing manuscripts for publication) 

Responsible for Self-study Platform for Academic English on Moodle


10/2005 – 07/2009 School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) Poznań, Poland – PhD student

Selected university courses (MA and BA program)

  • Didactics of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  • English for Academic Purposes (AEP)

Other responsibilities

  • Examination and admission committees
  • Supervising trainee teachers; evaluating diploma lessons




10/2005 – 07/2009 – PhD in English linguistics

School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) Poznań, Poland 

Title:Predicting the costs of switching between languages in multilingual speakers


10/2003 – 06/2005 – MA in English Linguistics

School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) Poznań, Poland

Title:Lexical processing in bilinguals: Investigating the hierarchical asymmetry model in Polish-English bilinguals


10/2000 – 09/2003 – BA in English Linguistics

School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) Poznań, Poland

Title:Neuroscientific bases of lexical processing



Conference presentations        

2018 – XV CercleS International Conference, Poznań, Poland – Millennials write dissertations: The language instructor in a new role of a writing coach

2012 (with S. Milligan and T. Armstrong) – LSP V Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden – Constructing a research-based online learning environment for academic writing: How to avoid a muddle in Moodle

2012 – Blending technology with EAP, BALEAP PIM, Southampton, UK – Student expectations and experience of prototype materials for an online platform in academic writing: Practical solutions for a resource in Moodle

2007 – 17 European Second Language Association Conference, Newcastle, UK – Degree of integration in the bilingual mental lexicon and switching costs 

2007 – III Poznań Cognitive Forum, Poznań, Poland – Task-switching in multilingual language users

2006 – XVIII International Conference on Foreign/Second Language Acquisition, Szczyrk, Poland – Wordtype and the asymmetry in language processing in proficient bilinguals

2006 – First Central European Student Conference in Linguistics (CESCL), Budapest, Hungary – The asymmetry in language processing in proficient bilinguals: The wordtype effect 


Conference organization

2008 – 1 Poznań Psychological Forum, workshop co-organizer „Different aspects of multilingualism” Poznań, Poland

2007 – 38 Poznań Linguistic Meeting, poster session organizer, Gniezno, Poland



Cieślicka A, A. Ekert (2009) Investigating asymmetry in lexical processing with proficient Polish-English bilinguals: The lexical decision task. In: Proceedings of the XVIII Conference on Second/Foreign Language Acquisition.

Ekert-Centowska, A. (2007) Task switching in multilinguals – Ph.D. project. In: Proceeding of the III Poznań Cognitive Forum, Poland