Writing Center – Pilot project for HS20 and FS21


One-to-one consultations with a writing expert

Do you feel uncertain about your English grammar and syntax? Does your text lack clear structure? Have you rewritten your text a million times and now you need someone else to tell you what still needs improvement? Does your text “sound German” or in any case not “sound” English?

The Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich is running a 1-year pilot project for a Writing Center, where students and staff at all levels can get feedback on and help with their writing.

Experienced language lecturers are offering 45-minute one-to-one language consultations with the aim of giving you individualized feedback on the text you’re working on and helping you edit your writing to communicate your message effectively.

How do I schedule a language consultation?

  1. Choose a date on Doodle (will be open in HS20).
  2. A language expert will contact you directly to confirm the date and location (in Self-Access Centers in the center or at Hönggerberg) or to send a Zoom link.
  3. Learn how to improve your writing during the consultation.
  4. Give us feedback, so that next time we can be even more effective.



SAC Center
Rämistrasse 74, RAI J 15  


SAC Hönggerberg
Campus Hönggerberg
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5
HIL E2 (Architecture and Civil Engineering Library)