Program development and quality standards

How do we plan our course program?

The Language Center bases its course program for UZH and ETH Zurich on the following program development principles, as agreed by its Board of Trustees in 2010.


Specifically, when we plan our program, we consider the ways in which individual languages and language levels contribute to the following areas: Integration; study, research, and teaching; individual multilingualism; work; and mobility. In addition to our current strategic goals, we also consider the demand for certain languages and levels.

How do we monitor the quality of our courses?

  • Our lecturers evaluate their courses each semester. They select questions and evaluation methods that match their own specific evaluation interests. They report the results back to their course participants..
  • Our lecturers use various forms of self-evaluation, including peer feedback and formal discussions with their team leaders.
  • The team leaders observe lecturers regularly in the classroom and discuss the results of their observations and assessment with the lecturers.
  • Every 4 semesters, the Language Center conducts standardized course evaluations in order to ensure the quality of its language courses. (Course evaluation guidelines (PDF, 126 KB))