Writing Center – Pilot HS20/FS21

Writing Center – Pilot project for HS20 and FS21


One-to-one consultations with a writing expert

Do you feel uncertain about your English grammar and syntax? Does your text lack clear structure? Have you rewritten your text a million times and now you need someone else to tell you what still needs improvement? Does your text “sound German” or in any case not “sound” English?

We are running a 1-year pilot project for a Writing Center, where students and staff at all levels can get feedback on and help with their writing. Experienced language lecturers are offering 45-minute one-to-one consultations. We'll give you individualized feedback on the text you’re working on, so that you can edit your writing and communicate your message effectively.

How do I schedule a language consultation?

  1. Choose a date on Doodle.
  2. A language expert will contact you directly to confirm the date, send a Zoom invitation, or suggest location.
  3. Come to your session with a piece of writing and 3 specific topics you’d like us to discuss.
  4. We’ll use the last 10 minutes of the session to collect your feedback.



 Online Zoom

SAC Center
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RAI J 15  


SAC Hönggerberg
Campus Hönggerberg
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HIL E2 (Architecture and Civil Engineering Library)