General Terms and Conditions: Modules for PhF Students in Study Programs with Compulsory Language Acquisition

Legal basis

The Language Center provides modules for students in study programs with compulsory language acquisition on behalf of the University of Zurich Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (PhF). These modules are subject to the Framework Ordinance of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Rahmenverordnung der PhF – RVO PhF) of 27 August 2018.

These modules can be repeated once and are regarded as definitely failed after a second unsuccessful attempt. If the failed module is a compulsory PhF module, the student will be excluded from further study, according to §33, and will be blocked from the subject, according to §34 of the PhF RVO. If the failed module is to be accredited towards a study program at a different faculty, then the RVO of that faculty comes into force.


Please enroll during the enrollment period on the Language Center website. The closing date for enrollments is listed in each course description.

Once you have received a confirmation email from the Language Center, your enrollment is binding. You do not need to do an additional module booking, and the language module does not appear in the module booking tool.



You can withdraw your enrollment until the end of the enrollment period. Withdrawals must be made in writing by email to the Language Center Secretariat. Verbal and/or written withdrawals made directly to course lecturers are not valid. For the “Grundlagen Latein” (Latin foundations) module there is an additional withdrawal deadline in the second half of the course, on consultation with the course leader. The exact deadline will be announced at the start of the module.

Course cancellations and substitution of lecturers

The Language Center reserves the right to cancel courses at short notice if enrollment numbers are too low, if a lecturer is unable to teach a course, and/or for other significant reasons. Some courses may be given by lecturers who are not listed in the course description if, for example, there are several parallel courses or if a course is taught by a substitute lecturer.