Allocation of course places for Bachelor’s and Master’s students

How does the Language Center allocate course places?

Through the Language Center, the UZH and ETH Zurich provide their students with a wide range of language courses and services. Although we take the demand for courses into consideration in our planning, demand often exceeds supply. We cannot guarantee that all students will get a place on their desired course.

The Language Center allocates course places according to the following criteria:

  1. Appropriate language skills for a course: 

    The Language Center does not do assessment tests. Please assess your language level carefully, because we depend on your information when allocating places. You can check your suitability for a course by reading the course description and the language level checklists. Please contact the Secretariat  if you need help assessing your linguistic suitability for a course.
  2. Reasons for your course selection:

    We give priority to students whose chosen course relates to their studies.
  3. Further criteria:

    If both criteria above are met, date and time of enrollment, and the number of semesters a participant has already completed, are also considered.