Tailor-made courses, coaching in English

Our tailor-made English-language courses are designed with your cooperation to ensure that we meet your group’s needs. Most of our clients are academic staff, doctoral students, postdoc groups, and logistics and service organization staff. We offer tailor-made courses at all levels, from A0 (complete beginner) to C2+ (native-speaker competence).

The course formats are designed to your specifications. For example, we have run half-day workshops; 15-week courses à 90 minutes a week; and shorter academic/scientific writing courses (typically five half-days), sometimes combined with one-to-one coaching sessions. Classes range from 3 to 15 participants; one-off lectures on specific topics are offered to considerably larger groups.

For more information on prices and types of courses, contact Dr Michelle Norgate, Head of English, at michelle.norgate@sprachen.uzh.ch.



We offer one-to-one English-language coaching in the following areas:

  • Academic writing
  • Preparing to give a conference paper
  • Professional presentations for management staff
  • Pronunciation
  • TOEFL and IELTS test preparation
  • Email writing for administrative staff (group coaching)

For more information, register online or contact our Secretariat at englisch@sprachen.uzh.ch.


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