Welcome to the Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich


Secretariat opening hours

Following the Government's recommendation regarding working from home, the Language Center desk will remain closed until August 23.
From July 26. to August 8.  the language Center is closed due to holidays.
You can reach us by e-mail, via Microsoft Teams, and by phone (see our direct-dial numbers).

Course certificates for Spring Semester 21 are sent out electronically. Course certificates for previous semesters are held at the Secretariat for three years.

Self-Access Centers

The opening times of the Self-Access Centers and information about our events are available here:
SLZ Zentrum
SLZ Hönggerberg 

Our course program

Changes to course formats at short notice due to Covid-19 regulations cannot be excluded. Please take note of information given in our course descriptions.

FAQs - Classes

Will courses take place online or in person in HS21?

Most of our courses will take place in person. A few courses will be held online. Please check the course descriptions for details.

What do I need to do to receive ECTS points?

You will receive ECTS points if you successfully complete the course assignments listed in the course description.

Depending on the COVID situation, course assessments may need adapted and may therefore differ from those listed in the course description of your course. Your lecturer will inform you about any such changes.

Technical problems during registration


If you experience problems with the enrollment process, we recommend that you empty your cache and delete cookies, and then try again. Most problems can be solved by doing this. If all else fails, please try to enroll without using AAI.

I belong to an at-risk group. Can I still attend a language course?

We recommend that you attend a course that is offered online. You will find information about the mode of teaching, course times, and location of your chosen in the course description. If you are unable to find a suitable online course, you would have to follow your chosen in-class course on your own, using the materials provided on the learning platform.

I have tested positive for Covid-19. Can I continue to attend my language course?

Please inform your lecturer. They will let you know how you can continue taking the course in self-study mode using the materials provided on the learning platform.

I have to be quarantined. Can I continue to attend my language course?

Please inform your lecturer. They will let you know how you can continue taking the course in self-study mode using the materials provided on the learning platform.

Which services are the Self-Access Centers offering?


SAC Zentrum: 

Opening hours Summerbreak 07 June - 17 September 2021:
Monday - Friday: 11.00 - 14.00

Summer closing-time:
The SAC remains closed from Monday 19 July until Friday 13 August 2021.

  • Returns

    If you are unable to return media yourself, or have someone return them for you, during opening hours, please contact us as soon as possible at slz@sprachen.uzh.ch 

    It is possible to send your loaned items back to us via mail at your own expense to:  
    • Selbstlernzentrum des Sprachenzentrums der UZH und der ETH Zürich 
    • c/o Rechtswissenschaftliches Institut 
    • Rämistrasse 74
    • 8001 Zürich
  • Loans
    You can borrow loans on site during opening hours. The Self-Access Center does not offer a postal or copy service. At present, we can offer only lending and returns services. If you wish to borrow media, please bookmark them in your library account or search for the call number in our research portal. Please note: You can borrow a maximum of 5 media at one time. 

    Work spaces
    No workstations available in the SAC until further notice.  

    Learning consultations
    For now, we will not be offering any learning consultations.

    EventsWe will continue to offer Self-Access Center events online (register here).

If you have general questions about the SAC or about our media and online service, please write to slz@sprachen.uzh.ch or call us during opening hours (044 634 19 24). Short consultations on Zoom are also available upon request (by phone or email).  


SAC Hönggerberg: 

  • Opening hours: 
    Monday - Friday: 12.00 - 18.00
  • Our learning activities will continue online. Anyone who is interested can join by enrolling via the "Courses” page on our website.


Our team is available via email:


Courses in German as a foreign language

Courses in English: englisch@sprachen.uzh.ch


Courses in romance languages (Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish):


Courses in other languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Modern Greek, Russian, Swedish):


Courses in Latin und Ancient Greek alte.sprachen@sprachen.uzh.ch


Self-Access Center Zentrum

Self-Access Centre Hönggerberg slz@library.ethz.ch