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Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich

FAQs Italian

Q1: Do I need to know German to attend a course?

You don’t need to know German to attend a course. Our courses are taught entirely in the target language.

Q2: Are all courses offered every semester?

The basic courses at levels A1, A2, and B1 are offered every semester. Special courses, such as «Italiano B2-C1: Strutture della lingua», «Italiano B2-C1: Lingua e letteratura», «Italiano B2-C1: Lingua in contesto specifico», «Italiano B2-C1: Fuori dall'aula», alternate between semesters. For more information about the next iteration of a specific course, please contact


Q3: Are any courses offered outside of the semester?

Yes. We have a small number of courses that take place outside of the semester dates. These courses are published on our website.

Q4: I have some prior Italian skills, but I don’t know how good these are. What should I do?

First, find out what your language level is using the descriptors from the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) here: Checklist.

For a more detailed assessment of your language skills, we recommend the following test:

Once you have identified your language level, go to our course program and read the course descriptions (language requirements, aims, etc.). If you are still unsure about which course to take, you can email us to request a consultation:

Q5: I have forgotten a lot of the target language. Should I start again at level A1?

In principle, our A1-level courses are designed for beginners. We therefore recommend that you brush up your skills independently. You can email us to request a consultation:

Q6: I would like to take a course that is at a level below my own language level in order to brush up my language skills. Can I do that?

No. Our courses are performance-based, and we award ECTS points for successfully completed course work. If you wish to brush up your language skills, we recommend that you do so at one of our Self-Access Center.

Q7: I have completed a Language Center course. What should I do next?

Follow your teacher’s recommendations. You will find more information on our website about how our courses progress. The services and events offered by our Self-Access Center will also help you to improve and practice your language skills.

If you have other questions, please consult the general FAQs that relate to all Language Center courses and services.

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