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Sprachenzentrum der UZH und der ETH Zürich

Akademisches Schreiben Englisch

1. Semester courses in academic writing for all ETH/UZH members

The following courses are for participants who wish to improve their general writing skills in English.

  • Academic writing for UZH B2
  • Writing and speaking B2-C1
  • Advanced academic writing C1-C2

The following courses aim to assist participants with a writing project in progress (Master’s thesis, doctoral/PhD dissertation, articles for publication)

  • Writing your master's thesis C1-C2
  • Writing at doctoral level C1
  • Doctoral and research writing C1
  • Writing research papers for publication C1-C2

The following workshop series is intended for participants who would like feedback on their work in progress and work on revisions.

  • Advanced writing workshop C1-C2 (7 fortnightly sessions)


2. Tailor-made academic writing courses

Our tailor-made scientific and academic writing courses are designed to meet the specific needs of different target groups at the ETH and UZH. Courses are created in collaboration with departments, professors, or research groups, and can include:

  • Scientific writing courses for doctoral/PhD candidates or Master’s students that are built into a core curriculum
  • Scientific writing courses that are recommended (but not mandatory) for specific research groups
  • Workshops on various aspects of academic writing
  • Online courses on academic writing for specific research or working groups

Current courses include:




  • Writing for publication in Computer Science (D-INFK)
  • Writing for publication in Materials Science (D-MATL)
  • Scientific writing for publication in Engineering (D-MAVT)
  • Writing scientific reports for MSc Biology (D-BIOL)
  • Developing scientific writing skills at doctoral level
  • Scientific writing: Structuring and planning publications


  • Writing research articles in Psychology
  • Scientific writing for PhD students (Institute for Computational Science)
  • Writing for publication at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich
  • Writing research articles in Neuroscience
  • Academic writing for publication (NCCR Automation)
  • Writing for publication in Banking and Finance
  • Writing Fellow training at Life Sciences Zurich
  • Writing in Economics


  • Doctoral and research writing for ZHdK

Contact: Secretariat:

Coordinator Academic Writing for Specific Purposes:

3. One-to-one: Writing Center, coaching 

The Writing Center offers writers free 45-minute online consultations, in which they can get feedback from one of our lecturers. Each participant may attend 2 consultations per semester. Sign up for an appointment here: Moodle 

If that is not enough, writers can register for private coaching. (Contact the Secretariat for more information.)

4. Workplace English

You would like to feel more confident about your writing skills in the office

  • Email writing for university staff B1.2-C1: Register online for a package of three 90-minute sessions in a small group, and analyze samples of real emails from the group
  • Applying for jobs in English B2-C2: In this 7-week semester course, you will simulate a professional job application that meets the latest standards and cultural norms